The PAB Public Education Program "PEP" allows state agencies, trade organizations, and non-profits to increase awareness and educate the public across our member network of radio and television stations, throughout the commonwealth.  

The Public Education Program generates approximately 10,000 radio spots and 2,500 television spots per month across 200+ radio stations and 35+ television stations, from Erie to Philadelphia.

If you are a state agency, 501c(3) or 501c(6) and have a message to get out Pennsylvania - we are the only one stop shop with a statewide network of radio and television stations.  Our campaigns deliver in excess of 4:1 return on spend in media value.  Let us help you stretch your education and awareness budget with our Public Education Program network of radio and television stations.


Clients include:

PA Department of Environmental Protection

PA Department of Health

PA Liquor Control Board

PA Department of Transportation

PA Department of Human Services

PA Department of Agriculture

PA Treasury 529

PA Emergency Management Agency


For more information about the PAB Public Education Program, click HERE to download an informational one-sheet, call us at 717.482.4820, or use the form on our CONTACT US page.