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Myron Jones

Inducted 1997
Born:  November 27, 1925, Youngstown, Ohio  

Myron Jones' fascination with radio began as a child when he repaired household radios. When he was 16, he earned his amateur radio license.  He went on to become a broadcast owner, operator, and entrepreneur known for his technical expertise.  Childhood friends Bill Fleckenstein and Bob Sauber, also young radio operators, were his early broadcasting partners.  

Jones began his broadcasting career in 1943 as an engineer with radio station WERC in Erie.  From there he went to WFMJ in Youngstown, where he established himself with the special creative touches he used to produce live local programming which often included live orchestras and other special effects.   

In October 1951, he and Fleckenstein started daytime station WJET in Erie.  With very little financial backing, he developed the station into a full-time facility.  Jones and Fleckenstein then built another daytime station, WHOT, in Youngstown.  At WHOT, he developed dual sites with six daytime site towers and five nighttime site towers to move WHOT to a full-time facility.  With this achievement, one of the first such achievements in the nation, Jones established himself as an engineering expert in the broadcasting world.  

In 1959, Jones bought WEEP in Pittsburgh.  He quickly engineered a way to improve the facility (a 1kw AM station) to become Pittsburgh's second 50kw AM station. Along with his AM projects, he built FM stations to accompany WEEP in Pittsburgh and WHOT in Youngstown.  In 1987, when AM radio was losing its signature as a band for music formats, Jones masterminded the conversion of WJET-AM into WJET-FM.  

In 1966, Jones turned his attention to television, as he built Erie's first color television station, WJET-TV.  WJET became the first television station in Erie to use videotape in gathering news, another example of Jones' innovation and leadership.  In addition to his engineering achievements, Jones won industry recognition for his programming expertise and community service. Each of his stations achieved top ranking in its market. 

Jones was named 1990 Radio Broadcaster of the Year by the Pennsylvania Association of Broadcasters. In 1997 he and his partner, John Kanzius, received the Distinguished Pennsylvanian Award from Gannon University in Erie.